Research & Publications

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the Universite de Montreal and Mila (formerly Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms). I study neural networks, a subset of the field of machine learning.

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NAVI - Helping the blind see

NAVI, or the Navigational Assistant for the Visually Impaired, is a project that I am leading to create an application that can help blind and visually impaired people to navigate urban environments. We are designing NAVI to run entirely on the mobile phone, with no internet connection required.

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Gene Graph Convolutions

Recent advances in next generation sequencing technology are reducing the cost of acquiring gene expression data. This enables improved treatment and clinical outcomes for cancer patients. We are using graph convolutional neural networks and gene-gene interaction graphs to make better predictions in this low-data regime.

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PRotein-ligand Docking

I have begun to explore drug-generation and optimization using neural networks. My hope is that by coupling these techniques with protein docking simulations we might be able to make the drug-discovery pipeline more efficient.