Technologies: Flask, PostgreSQL 

Authors: Martin Weiss, Ivan Kirigin

Description: Social graph visualization tool for Twitter

Impact: 1,000's of users, 200+ votes on ProductHunt

Links: ProductHunt


Technologies: Flask, PostgreSQL, 

Authors: Martin Weiss, Ivan Kirigin, Mayank Juneja, Carolyn Lee, Kendall Chuang

Description: Recommender system using a social graph to find high-value invitations. API and SDKs to facilitate access.

Impact: 100k+ invites sent per month.

Links: crunchbase

Silent Disco Squad

Technologies: Django + PostgreSQL

Authors: Martin Weiss & Annie Ngo

Description: Public Space Danceparties. Use the site to share music, organize a disco, or get info about upcoming events.

Impact: 30,000+ users on the site to organize and attend discos. 

Linksgithub. live site.


Technologies: Objective-C + Golang

Authors: Martin Weiss, Naziha Mestaoui, & George Macrae

Description: Take 5 minutes with this app and synchronize your breath and heartbeat with users around the world.

Impact: Consulted with Naziha Mestaoui about her 1heart1tree project and developed a prototype.

Linksgithub. more info.


Technologies: Ionic Framework + Python + Intense Hardware

Authors: Martin Weiss & Trevor Stanhope

Description: Semi-autonomous guidance system for row-crop cultivators.

Impact: Shipped iOS and Android app to store. Guidance system is in the field, and being assessed for acquisition.



Technologies: MySQL, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS

Authors: Martin Weiss & McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience

Description: LORIS (Longitudinal Online Research and Imaging System) is a web-based data and project management software for neuroimaging research studies.

Impact: Nearly 100 commits on the front-end of a research management platform storing terabytes of medical data for 10,000+ patients.



Technologies: Node.js, Angular, Redis, Jade, S3

Authors: Martin Weiss, Jonathan Dupre, David Hernon, & David Zangwill

Description: An application for sharing music with your friends. Share your experience with looping videos. Web and Mobile.

Impact: Used at McGill X-1's Demo Day.

Links: github.